Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Year Ago Today...

A year ago today I clicked 'publish' on this blog for the first time. I really can't believe it!

Blogging has encouraged me to think about things a little bit deeper. It has pushed me to finish the projects I begin..most of the time. It has caused me to self-examine a lot more. It has been an invaluable source of education for me in the area of homemaking. And most importantly it has helped me to remember how much I love to create.

Whether it is writing, cooking, crafting, decorating...anything that begins in the mind, filters through the heart and eventually makes its way out into the world, I had forgotten how much joy that process brings me. It's not a good thing to forget or abandon what you are passionate about. So I am very thankful for what blogging has brought back into my life.

As much as I do love tending to Red Writing, I feel that this particular season of blogging is drawing to an end for me. I have two precious little people, one beloved big person, a perpetually messy house, and a very special ministry that need all of my attention right now. Don't get me wrong. I think it is totally possible to properly maintain a blog, family, work, etc. for some people. For me--not so.

So beginning in January {After TWOC is over--don't worry!} the posts on Red Writing will be much fewer and further between. It is going to take me a while to stop thinking of how I can turn any situation into a blog post. But eventually...

Thanks so much to each of you for joining me in my blogging adventure of the past year. It's been a blast! I hope that you all are doing the things that YOU are passionate about and living life to the fullest.

"Better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self. "--Cyril Connolly


  1. Sorry to hear you won't be writing as much... I found your blog recently and love it! But, I understand... this can be a strange world, this bloggy world. You have to do what you are passionate about!! :)

  2. I too, am sorry to hear this, but at the same time-I understand...
    A year is a long time-so congrats on that...
    I love the quote...
    For me, I look at posting as my "public journal" that was swirling around in my head for years as I raised my babies...I needed a mental outlet-
    But when, or if I feel "done"-I will follow your lead...God bless!!!

  3. I totally understand and I admire your focus. That's the important one. Enjoy them while you have them at home. It is gone too quickly, for sure! And I, also, love your quote.

  4. I have so loved your blog and will continue to love it even with fewer posts! :)

    And I can agree 100% with all the benefits blogging has done for you! ...couldn't have said it better myself! ;)

  5. Happy Anniversary Keelie! I LOVE coming over to your blog and being inspired!

  6. I understand...but as long as you check in once in a while. Good for you prioritizing!

  7. Keelie,

    Hang in there, I am sure that during the off periods you will find the love and joy that you had last year and begin to write once again with all of us, or perhaps take your blog in a new direction.

    We love the time you have shared with all of us this last year. You are a great friend!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. I JUST wrote about perspective the other day (http://southernlivingatitsbest.blogspot.com/2009/11/perspectivea-gift-you-can-give-yourself.html ), and you do have to do what you are called to do, so although we hate that you won't be blogging as much, we all certainly understand. Good for you for following your convictions!
    Take care, and write when you can....maybe just be a MWF blogger or something.....you decide!


  9. NOOOOOOOOO!! I won't accept it, lol!!! Just kidding. I DO understand, but just know how many people love your blog, and we will waited with baited breath for each post:)

    Much love to you!

  10. Totally understand. As I said, I'm going to shift into a different pace as well.


  11. I am sorry to hear this but i am also so proud of you! it takes a lot to realize that and act on it! I think that you are doing the right thing and I will be praying for you and all that you have going on. Good luck!

  12. Great quote, Keelie. I am at a similar place in that I know I must focus more and better on home, homeschooling, and my Lord Jesus....there are times, too many to admit, He's had lasts, so to speak. May He continue to clarify your priorities and the timeliness of your posts. You're loved!

  13. I will miss your frequent posts, but treasure the ones you do. I don't always post as much as I want on my blog...will be happy to see updates when you do them!

  14. "ahhhh, Keelie", my words for most of yours posts! You did say "end" of this "paricular season of blogging". . .not "done" with the blogging. . .right? I know you said posts will be much "fewer and further between". Your on my blog list, so I will be watching for those posts, when I am on.
    Even in my stage of parenting. . .
    parenting still comes first, after God first, and then Jeff,
    and my job and ministries. . .
    Oh, Keelie, you are such a wonderul writer and wonderful creator. Don't ever completely quit.
    You have built such a great "following".
    I do love you, and am so glad I can hear from you through your blog.
    You take care of your wonderful family. . .
    I know you always do!

  15. Congrats on your anniversary! This is one way I've stayed connected to you since I've moved away! I've loved it....but know those special things in your life are way more important.

    Love ya!

  16. i just found your blog and I love it! Im so sorry that you wont be blogging anymore but I totally understand!

  17. I'm going to miss you. :( But I completely understand. I'll look forward to your occasional posts. Maybe a weekly or monthly basis? Congratulations on 1 successful year! :)


  18. Keelie,

    How I hated to read those words but like all these others I completely understand and will look forward to those posts when they do come! You have a gift~ clearly!!

    Your babies and family come above all and I have no doubt that when you do post it will be awesome as always :)

    Bless you and thankyou for everything you have shared with us thus far

  19. Having just found this blog, I'm sad to see you leaving or at least taking a break. I totally understand though. My papercrafting blog I posted almost daily for almost three years. Exhausting. I've taken a deep breath and still shaking my head...started a new blog in addition. I'm just trying to balance out things in my life better and if I don't have time or want to post, I won't. Good luck and best wishes!

  20. Happy Bloggy Birthday!!! Six in One hand is my twin sis!!!! I love your blog and am now a follower!!!!

  21. happy blogoversary :D

    follow your heart and do what you need to for your happiness :D