Monday, April 18, 2011

New Around Here

We have a new RED Shed behind the house and new sidewalk chalk.

We have a new RED back door. Have I mentioned I like red?

We have 12 pet chickens. One really loves us and her name is Henrietta.

One hen is a double yolk "layer." These eggs are so big the carton won't close on them.

We have a new arrangement in the living room.

My new deal is planting stuff. This is English Ivy planted in the cracks of the old well.

I didn't plant this but it is a new hanging basket that I am trying to keep alive.

NEW! Herbs sprouting up in my window sill. (The rosemary won't come up--WHY?)

Okay this is not new--cheese in my bed. Totally gross--but I'm okay with it. It means there are still sticky-stinky-fingered, cheese eaters snuggling up in there.


  1. Looks like your herbs are doing great! And I love how you labeled the pots! I'm assuming they are indoors?? How much sunlight do they need? I'm sure the TX heat would probably dry them out this summer if they were outside. I think I'd like to try to plant some. Herbs are super expensive to buy at the store. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Everything looks great! It blesses my heart, too. It carries on the love our parents had and the pride they took in "the farm."