Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm thankful for the moments.

Yesterday the kids and I were driving down a country road. We rounded a corner and looked up to see a huge rainbow. It was awesome. We talked about the promises of God. Soon we noticed that we were surrounded by the most beautiful fall foliage that I believe I have ever seen in Texas. We were talking about the amazing artist that God is. Jonah was saying things like, "This has got to be some of God's best work!" I just love that kid.

I couldn't imagine this little after-school drive getting any better until Jonah suddenly broke out into the sweetest most loving rendition of This is My Father's World. The mother-tears were falling and I was just beginning to construct the Face book post in my head that would basically say "My child is perfect and awesome. Don't you wish you had a child like mine?" when a text pops up on my phone from a friend whose child was with Jonah at recess. It reads: Word is, Jonah kissed a girl on the playground today.

Say whaaa? Nice, God. Thank you for that huge piece of humble pie right in the middle of this perfect moment, I thought. But the more I pondered, I knew what my Father was doing. He is always revealing himself. Even in the small, seemingly insignificant moments of our lives.

What happened yesterday is something I'll never forget.  The rainbow reminded me of the mercy and promises of God. My kissing kid reminds me that none of us, even our babies, are basically "good" at heart, rather we are rebellious at heart. (Jonah knows not to kiss girls. Ugh.) Despite this, there is always the artistry and changing power of God for us to behold. And definitely my favorite part was the sweet song of praise--the response of a child who knows he has been promised a Savior, yet is still very rebellious, and is daily being changed by God's love.

The Gospel. All of it right there in the moment.


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