Saturday, June 6, 2015

My First Homeschool Post

Last Tuesday marked the beginning of a new journey for our family. My husband and I  picked the kids up from school and as we were en route to a mini-getaway destination we told them that next year we will begin homeschool...

So now I can talk about it. Whew.  

Every morning I love to make a hand-crafted cup of coffee for myself. I very precisely "eye ball" the locally roasted beans, scoop and shovel them down into the grinder. I select the perfect grind for a gritty, rich cup of french press. I then heat the water until just boiling, turn off the heat and watch it fall to the perfect temp where the water is just slightly dancing. I love to observe the fresh grounds responding to the water--foamy blooms of flavor swirl around in the press. There is always a wait involved. It's rough. But then then comes the first sip. And its so delightful. I have created a work of art before the sun has even risen. I always thank the Lord for this cup. I will admit, there are many things I forget to be grateful for but a cup of coffee like this, I always remember. That I get to be a part of the process--that he made something so simple that I enjoy so very much. I've always been struck by the oddity of how grateful I am for the coffee. 

Recently as I was thinking about the opportunity before me to educate my own children I began to see it in terms of art. That each one of them is the Father's workmanship and I'm able to play a part in the further crafting of their lives. Each one a small, but mighty work of art that I get to be a part of creating. Individual, hand & heart-crafted. Artisanal Education. Is that a thing? I hope so, because that is my vision for these two. 

I realize that for the past few years as I've looked down into that first cup and thanked God for the opportunity to daily craft and enjoy my coffee, that I've actually been giving thanks for much more than just coffee. 

The name of our school is Arrows Academy, based on Psalm 127:3-4, Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. In the fall we will be a part of Classical Conversations, which I'm extremely excited about! Classical education is where my heart is. I just never knew it until now! 

This summer my main objective is to implement and practice routines, new chores, and some new expectations. I will post about those soon. I love having freedom to do things on a whim and to be flexible, but I've learned through my own personal trials that you can't have that freedom without some boundaries. So, first things first. 

Much more to come about Arrows Academy...stay tuned. Until then, here is a peak at one of our learning spaces, the upstairs common area, and some books.

Plan to use the mail box to aid in communication between the kids and me. They can write me, I can write them... Nothing is off limits. I'm excited about it.

Comfy couch for reading, memory work, or whatever...

This table is really special as my grandparents bought it for my husband and me when we married. It will be getting a facelift soon...

Storage space!! Sure it won't take long to fill this up.

Our Classical Conversations curriculum. So excited about Classical learning!!! Mom is going back to "school"!

A few of our "subjects"

I've loaded up the kindle with some freebies for Jonah (9) to feast on.

And some helpful books I am currently feasting on.


  1. Wow!! That's huge!! Very happy for you and excited to see your posts! You will be an amazing teacher for your children! But, have to admit that I'm also sad we'll be losing your family at school! Hope to see you around the community events and to stay in touch!

    1. Thanks!!! Yes, we will still be around, for sure.

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