Monday, April 27, 2009

Catching Up

I have had Red Writing block for the past few days. Last week was so busy that I didn't even have time to post Idol Thoughts or Things on Thursday. I guess I just needed some time to keep my thoughts to myself. Well, enough of that. Allow me to play catch-up:

Idol Thoughts: Kris. Kris. Kris. All I really want to talk about is Kris. Yes, Adam is wonderful. Yes, Adam is the best contestant ever in the history of the show. Yes, he did an amazing job last week. He has unbelieveable range and control. But Kris is so...Kris. I don't really care if he wins, which I don't think he will. I am just excited to be able to buy his record. I am also considering the purchase of a ticket for the AI tour. Basically I just want to see Cheesy Michael again. One last thought--I did NOT care for disco week and the "famous" people they brought on to perform made me gag a few times.

Things I have started and quit (but still have intentions of finishing one day).

1. Many crochet pieces
2. Christmas 2001 scrapbook
3. A jewelrymaking business
4. A cleaning ministry
5. Cleaning my front porch
6. Piano lessons
7. A degree in Interior Design
8. Bible Studies
9. Diets
10. Washing clothes everyday
This list could go on forever, but I am tired of thinking about it so I will quit for now...
I am surely thankful for the Someone who never quits where I'm concerned: Philipians 1:6

An emotion-packed and praise-filled weekend yields many thoughts for me on this Monday morning. I am overwhelmed. For now, I'll just say(sing) to my God:
You are good all the time...
All the time, You are good!


  1. I have a great way of getting one load of laundry done EVERY DAY! It is the best system ever.
    My husband (who is OCD) washes everything and all i have to do is throw it in a pile. My piles usually end up being where ever I frantically change while trying to not be late to wherever I am going. You should try it!

  2. Oh, I can definitely make a pile! My husband (who is not OCD) washes way more clothes than I do, but I'm not sure if I could get him to do it everyday. I will ask. Does your husband fold/hang up all the clothes afterward and put them away, too?

  3. Yes, he does it all. When we were dating (and before I realized the extent of his OCD) I decided to do a load of his to be nice. When he informed me I folded the boxers in the opposite way in which you wear them (I still do not know what this means) I informed him I would no longer be doing his laundry. Then, he started getting ansey about the way I did MINE so he started doing it all and it is GREAT! He can't stand piles of anything so he is a frequent visitor of the laundry room. I should really put a TV in there for him.

  4. Don't buy AI tickets until you talk to me. I've been meaning to mention it to you! I'm glad the retreat was so good!

  5. Keelie, you're my connection to Idol news! Truly. As for things started and not finished, I too love the Philippians scripture. I holding on to that one pretty tightly! Blessings!